Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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amazon LordHooked on Adventures offers you the fishing voyage of a lifetime aboard our elite and custom-designed yachts. They will serve as your base of operations for an unforgettable week-long fishing adventure on Brazil’s Amazon River. The Hooked on Adventures' Yacht Line has served as the Amazon watershed’s home for well-known dignitaries and fisherman from all over the globe. Hooked on Adventures is considered the Gold standard in Amazon Peacock Bass fishing.

When you travel with the Hooked on Adventures' staff aboard the Amazon Lord I, you will be treated to unparalleled luxury and adventure in the magnificent Amazon Rainforest.

Our first class yachts contain the following on-board amenities for our clients:

  • Each boat is decorated with contemporary and stylish amenities.
  • Separate bar on the top deck
  • Fully air-conditioned suites as well as all interior rooms of yachts!
  • Large standard suites with plenty of storage space for clothes, fishing gear, and personal belonging. Also included are private baths and hot and cold showers
  • Flat screen TV with DVD, stereo, and surround-sound.
  • Satellite phone
  • Open-air decks ("mosquito free" thanks to the slightly acidic black water)
  • Laundry service
  • Unbelievable food and service that will equal or exceed the finest restaurants!

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  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I
  • Amazon Lord I

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