Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Welcome to the Eco-Tour of your dreams!

Below you will find all of the information necessary to prepare for your “Trip of a Lifetime.” We suggest that you read it all thoroughly so that you have a good understanding of what to expect. We are very confident you will be impressed with our all-inclusive package.

General Information about Brazil:

Brazil is a stable and friendly country and travel there is safe and enjoyable. The Brazilian currency is the Real (pronounced “Hay-eyes”) and can be exchanged in the airports and hotels in Manaus. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, both by size and population, with a population of 201 million. The language spoken is Portuguese – but don’t worry, our English Speaking staff, who are also fluent in Portuguese, will meet you upon your arrival in the Manaus Airport and see to your every need throughout your trip to Brazil.

Brazil has the greatest biological diversity in the world and reflects a variety of unique ecosystems. According to scientific estimates, Brazil is home to approximately 4 million species of plants and animals. There are 3.3 million square kilometers of rainforest within the Brazilian borders – this is about 60% of the total Amazon Rainforest.

brazil flag

What is the exact itinerary?

Day 1
Travel from your home airport to Manaus.

Travel from your home airport to Miami. Once in Miami, Florida the group will board a flight for Manaus, Brazil. We ask that you take the suggested 5 hour direct flight from Miami to Manaus as we have scheduled transfers for your convenience per the arrival of that flight.

Once you arrive in Manaus, you will be met at the airport terminal by an English Speaking Hooked on Adventure’s Staff Member who will transfer you to one of our beautiful, live-aboard yachts, your home away from home while in Brazil. Upon boarding, your luggage will be placed in your room and you will be served refreshments and a late dinner if you wish.

Day 2
During breakfast, the yacht will navigate to the Ariau River passing the largest jungle lodge in the world. Upon arriving at the Ariau River tour boats equipped with outboard motors will be waiting to take you on an exploration of streams around the flooded rainforest, this phenomena is known as Igapó. This tour is a great way to observe some of the flora and fauna only indigenous to the rainforest.

After your exploration of the Igapó, the tour boats will return to the yacht where lunch awaits.

During lunch, the yacht will navigate to the Satere-Mawe Tribe. This tribe performs a unique 24 hour ritual in which they cleanse themselves and initiate new members into the tribe through the use of bullet ants and elaborate costumes. This tribe also maintains a pharmacy and school. Indigenous handcrafts are produced and shipped to Manaus for sale. The Satere-Mawe people are experts in temporary tattoos, this is a fun (and non-permanent) souvenir! The chief of this tribe is a woman, typically a position only held by men. This is a unique feature that very few other Brazilian tribes share.

After the visit our tour boats will be waiting to take you piranha fishing. Don’t worry, the piranha are nothing like you see in the movies and are essentially harmless, they are also delicious to eat! Each tour boat will be accompanied by a seasoned fishing guide.

Day 3
While you sleep, the yacht will navigate to Acajatuba Lake where you can enjoy its beautiful views while you have breakfast.

After breakfast, you will be led on a jungle trek in which a local native will teach you to identify flora and fauna, make a fire, collect clean water, build a shelter, and survive in the rainforest. You will then tour Dorian’s Family House and Manioc Plantation. Here you will be shown their flour factory, get to eat fresh tapioca (made from manioc), and learn about their production of handcrafts and souvenirs. Afterwards, the Yacht will be waiting to deliver you to a floating house where you will be able to interact with the majestic Pink River Dolphins.

Lunch will then be served aboard the yacht.

Once lunch is over, you can visit the Dom Pedro School, deliver small gifts to the school children and then tour the Acajatuba Village. The Acajatuba village was historically used as a rubber plantation but is now used to produce boats, furniture, handcrafts and souvenirs which are typically exported to Manaus. Be sure to play soccer with the local team!

Dinner will then be served aboard the yacht.

When dinner is complete you will be led on a nighttime caiman spotting adventure where you will also have the chance to see nocturnal birds, three toed sloths, and snakes. As always, you will be accompanied by our expert guides – many of which were born on the same waters we will be exploring.

Day 4

This morning you will be led on a sunrise tour, leaving the Yacht at about 5:30am to see the breathtaking sunrise over the Anavilhanas Archipelago consisting of 380 unique islands.

Breakfast will then be served aboard the yacht. While you dine, the Yacht will navigate to the Tupe Community which is home to the Dessano Tribe. This is an authentic tribe living upstream from the Rio Negro. While here, you will get to see one of the last Xaman (summoner) in Brazil.

You will then be taken to the Rubber Plantation Museum, Seringal Vila Paraiso, where you will have a chance to learn about the amazing Brazilian Rubber Boom. Rubber was grown and produced in Brazil and then shipped elsewhere to help facilitate the Industrial Revolution. This was an amazing yet tragic time in Brazil’s history in which their barren economy was transformed into a booming powerhouse fueled by economic events taking place 1000’s of miles away.

You can then swim in the Taruma River which has warm, inviting and beautifully colored water.

Dinner will be served aboard the yacht and it will navigate to the January Ecological Park while you sleep.

Day 5
Breakfast will be served aboard the yacht.

Once breakfast is over, you will board the tour boats and visit the Water Lilies Lake which is home to the largest water lilies in the world which grow up to 1.7 meters in diameter. You will then navigate to a floating market which houses goods and wares produced by local artisans. Afterwards, you will be led into the flooded forest, Igapó, which is home to a tremendous amount of biodiversity.

You will then return to the Yacht and begin navigating the Paraccuba Canal, a shortcut between the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões. This waterway will deliver you to the magnificent Meeting of the Waters which is the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões. These two rivers flow alongside one another without mixing for approximately 6 kilometers. Afterwards, the floating village of Catalao awaits. Catalao is a village which is positioned directly on the Amazon River and includes a fish farm.

Lunch will be served aboard the yacht.

You will then be led on a city tour of Manaus. You will visit the Mercadó which is home to a boisterous environment where a collection of unique Brazilian wares, fruits, and fish are sold. Be sure to try the pineapple, many say it is the best in the world. After the Mercadó, you will be led on a tour of the Opera House and other historical sites around the city.

Manaus Opera House

Afterwards, you will return to the Yacht and retrieve your luggage and board a shuttle for one of Brazil’s best Churrascaria Restaurants, Bufalo's. You will enjoy a fantastic Brazilian barbecue after which time the shuttle will then transfer you to the Airport where you will check in for your international flight to Miami which departs at approx. 12:00 midnight.

Where will I be staying?

You will be staying aboard one of our first-cabin luxury yachts. The particular yacht will be determined at the time you book. There will be two guests per cabin; however, individual rooms are available at a premium. Each cabin is equipped with two beds, air conditioner, storage space for your luggage, private bathroom, and private shower with hot and cold running water. If you would like more information regarding yacht availability please feel free to call Hooked on Adventures using our toll-free number, 1-888-295-HOOK (4665).

What are the accommodations like?

World class–our fleet of Yachts represent the epitome of luxury. You will be catered to by phenomenal chefs, Maitre d’, on board staff, daily laundry service, daily maid service and expert guides.

Where exactly are we traveling to?

Your group will be traveling to the Brazilian Amazon. Specifically, you will be around the Manaus area in Brazil. Manaus is located in the Brazilian State of Amazonas and is sits directly on the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões.

Map with Locations

What will I be eating

All of your meals will be provided aboard the yacht or in Villages. Aboard the yacht you will be served a Brazilian menu which is tailored to the American palate. We have two extremely talented chefs who will cook you exquisite dishes which you will not soon forget. Be sure to try the Piranha soup – it is delicious! Many of our clients rave about our excellent chefs and the fine dining menu served.

Pirarucu Fish Dinner

What is the time difference?

Amazon Time (AMT) -0400 UTC.

Manaus, Brazil is three hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time which is the same as Eastern Standard Time during Daylight Saving Time. When it is not Daylight Savings Time Manaus, Brazil is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

How will I get there?

You will take a flight from your home airport to the Miami International Airport, this flight will probably leave in the morning. Once in Miami, Florida the group will board a flight and head to Manaus, Brazil. We ask that you take the suggested five hour direct flight from Miami to Manaus leaving at approx. 5:00 pm as we have scheduled transfers for your convenience per the arrival of that flight. You should arrive into Manaus around 10:00 pm Manaus Time that night.

How will I get home?

The flight from Manaus to Miami leaves around 12:00 midnight. It is a five hour direct flight and arrives in Miami at approximately 5:30 am. Once there, you will have a layover and then board your flight back to your home airport. You should arrive home sometime around mid-afternoon.

How long will I be gone for?

Six days. See the itinerary above for a full outline of the trip. Please note that day one and day six will be used mostly for traveling. On the 6th day you should be home mid-afternoon.

What is the climate like?

Manaus, Brazil is located 200 miles south of the equator. The daylight remains at a constant 12 hours per day with sunrise and sunset at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, respectively. The temperature ranges from 60-80 degrees at night to 70-95 degrees during the day. Depending when your trip is scheduled, you might be traveling during the “rainy season.” Regardless of the season, rain showers are common and some can even last a full day or more. Be prepared for weather conditions from hot and dry to wet and windy.

How much is the trip?

A fee of $2,650.00 will be charged for the Eco-Tour to Brazil. Payment deadline is 90 days prior to your trip date.

A deposit of $1,500.00 is required upon booking your trip. This means that after your deposit is paid you will have a remaining balance of $1,150.00.

In addition to this cost we suggest each client bring approximately $300.00 in spending money for souvenirs and meals during travel time (i.e. during the flights and layovers from your home airport to Manaus and Manaus to your home airport).

We also ask that you bring $100.00 in gratuity for the yacht staff. This is approximately $20.00 per day for world class service which includes maids, laundry service, expert guides, private chefs, and Maitre d’.

What does this package include and not include?

Your Hooked on Adventures Trip Includes:

  • Greeting at airport and ground trasnportation per regular schedule.
  • Semi-Private rooms at our facilities (per two travelers). A private room may be acquired at a premium.
  • Fully Air Conditioned Rooms.
  • Daily Laundry Service.
  • Daily Maid Service.
  • Delectable meals of both American and Brazilian foods served with choice wines.
  • Regional cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water, beer and wine.
  • Guide operated tour boats with outboard motor and cooler stocked with drinks.
  • All entrance fees for itinerary destinations.

Not Included:

  • Fees associated with obtaining your passport or visa.
  • Fees associated with pre-trip medical planning, travel insurance, and medications.
  • Domestic air or ground travel from your home city to Miami.
  • International airfare to Manaus, Brazil.
  • Gratuities to staff personnel.
  • Personal expenses in Manaus, i.e. shopping, meals, and city tours (not included in the itinerary).
  • Overweight luggage charges from the airlines or charter flights.
  • Airport departure taxes (if applicable).
  • Hotel stays (very rarely is necessary unless you plan to extend your trip beyond our itinerary).

If there is anything we can do to assist you in the preparation of your trip to Brazil, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-295-4665. We hope you choose to be our guest as you tour the magnificent rainforest and her River of Life!

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