Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity and ability to fish and hunt all over the world.  My travels include numerous trips to Africa where I have garnered trophies of the “Big Five” dangerous game. 

But Hooked on Adventures is second to none with their “Trip of a Lifetime.”  I have been three times and plan to return again for another fabulous adventure with Hooked on Adventures.  

Fish as hard or as easy as you like – pictures of fish and smiles tell it all!


Another excellent week on the Amazon!  Sand Flats were visible the water was so low.  We certainly had a great group of anglers this week.

Total Fish = 940

Fish 10lbs or bigger=98

10lbs=19                15lbs=7

11lbs=18                 16lbs=5

12lbs=9                   17lbs=3

13lbs=11                   18lbs=6

14lbs=6                  19lbs=5

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=4   21lbers=2   22lbs=3

This week, our longtime booking agent, Bill Fuchs, spotted a Jaguar, a VERY RARE opportunity.  We think that this big male must have been asleep on the shore after a meal and did not hear the bass boat coming.  Once he heard the bass boat he quickly climbed up this dirt embankment, tumbled down once, then regained his footing and disappeared into the jungle… AMAZING.

Bill Fuch's Jaguar

What a great week!  The water levels were absolutely PRIME.  Anglers experienced some of the BEST top water action that we have seen down in the basin in the last 5-6 years.

Total Fish = 1,085

Fish 10lbs or bigger=102

10lbs= 18                15lbs=6

11lbs= 14                 16lbs=8

12lbs= 7                   17lbs=5

13lbs=3                    18lbs=3

14lbs=11                  19lbs=4

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=2   21lbers=3   22lbs=1  23lber=2


Booking Agent, Randy Pringle, has done battle with Peacocks!  Maybe next time he should wear a glove when he takes a pic…


This was a FANTASTIC week for numbers as well as some real quality fish. Total count for the week was 917 peacocks for a total of 14 anglers.

Total fish=917

Fish 10lbs or bigger=97

10lbs=6                     15lbs=7

11lbs=14                    16lbs=6

12lbs=10                    17lbs=12

13lbs=10                   18lbs=10

14lbs=7                      19lbs=5

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=5   21lbers=2   22lbs=1  23lber=1

The biggest fish for the week goes to Brenda Fralick at a WHOPPING 25lbs…Congrats to Brenda on a great job in landing that “Monster Peacock Bass!”

Here is Brenda and Ken Fralick. Notice how Ken insists on squeezing in to the limelight.

Here is Brenda and Ken Fralick. Notice how Ken insists on squeezing in to the limelight.


I greatly enjoyed the Peacock Bass fishing trip to the Amazon River in Brazil.  I caught lots of fish including five over 15 lbs and one monster Peacock Bass that weighted 20 lbs.  I plan to return!

Earl Wooten

DSC Lifetime Member

Earl Wooten Pic 1

I just returned from the beautiful Brazilian Amazon and enjoyed the 'Trip of a Lifetime.'  David and his expert guides, who are all Amazon natives, led me down to the mystic black waters of the Rio Negro where we spent 6 ½ days fishing for the fiercest of fresh water fish, the Peacock Bass.  While there I stayed aboard a beautiful live-aboard Yacht completely adorned in teak and mahogany.  I enjoyed five star dining and the utmost luxury while taking in the amazing Amazon Rainforest and enjoyed some of the best fishing on either side of the equator.  For those of you worried about pesky bugs, the Rio Negro has NO mosquitoes because of the tannic acid in the water, I did not see a single mosquito the entire time I was in Brazil.

This is simple guys, come down with David and Hooked on Adventures and you will enjoy the "Trip of a Lifetime."

Tim Huber

PGA Golf Professional

Tim Huber

Prominent “Custom-Home Builder,” Gary McDonald and  Cal Custom Tile owner Rick Berry and friends travel to The Amazon with Hooked on Adventures owner David McCarthy.


“David and his staff at Hooked on Adventures did a fantastic job ensuring that all of us had a great time, whether we were fishing for Trophy sized Peacock Bass, or just relaxing on the open-air deck enjoying the daily Happy-Hour.”  “Our home for the week was the beautiful and spacious 125 ft. Amazon Santana. This yacht is equipped with air-conditioned rooms through out, as well as hot and cold private showers in every suite.


David’s guides were absolutely fearless in getting us in and out of all the secret lagoons and hidden lakes. Fishing out of custom-made bass boats and using complimentary rods, reels and tackle made it that much easier to plan for the trip. If adventure travel is on your “BUCKET LIST”, I highly recommend calling the people at Hooked on Adventures for your "TRIP OF A LIFETIME".


This was my second trip with Dave and Hooked on Adventures. We caught lot's of fish and the guides were outstanding in putting us in the right place for BIG FISH!!!. The service was immpeccable. Happy hour with Harry was as good as it gets. I will be coming back again this year with some of my fellow Canadians. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Rick with his 23lb Trophy Peacock.

As you know my son and I just returned from your Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trip hosted by Bill And Linda Fuchs. I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great experience we had. Over the course of the trip.  Our guide, Zebedo, was very helpful and allowed us to do as much or as little as we wanted. How he could find his way around the channels of the Rio Negro still stymies my imitation. The accommodations and food were great! We enjoyed so many wonderful experiences, but I would like to mention a some of the more memorable ones. The shore lunch, shore dinner, daily breakfast and dinner with the rest of the group, cocktail hour swapping stories of the days. Lastly, a word about your boat staff. The rooms were well kept, and the daily laundry service was terrific and helped keep our packing to a minimum. The cooks were great! I must mention Harry. Probably the most accommodating person I was ever around. If we needed anything, all we had to do was turn around and he was there. He made the trip so much more enjoyable for us.

Larry and Zebedo with his trophy Peacock Bass.

If you want the trip of a lifetime,  and enjoy fishing, book this trip! I am including a picture that says it all. MY MONSTER PEACOCK BASS!!!

Total fish caught= 2012

Fish 10lbs or bigger=133 as follows:




To top off the week congratulation to Michael Mehlmann and Rick McCrory for landing 2 monsters at 23lbs each.

Water levels were once again perfect for the clients. The go to baits used were top-water on all the structures and jigs were used as a follow-up bait.

Total fish caught=1698

117 fish 10lbs or bigger as follows:




This week was one of the best fishing weeks we have seen in many years. The water levels were perfect with lots of sand bars and structure to cast to. The female anglers brought with them “LADY LUCK” and managed to catch the biggest fish of the week by trolling our hand-tied jigs.

 Total fish caught- 1039. Our clients had a GREAT week on the upper Rio Negro. Good top-water action as well as a good jig bite. We even had some monsters caught trolling with our hand tied jigs. 68 fish over 10 lbs. including- 10lbers=7..11lbers=12..12lbers=8…13lbers=4…14lbers=6 15lbers=2…16lbers=8…17lbers=5…18lbers=6…19lbers=2 20lbers=3…21lbers=2…22lbers and one monster at 23lbs.CONGRATS TO ALL OUR ANGLERS


Thanks so much for everything for my husband and son.  I feel that Robert and Cliff have surely chose the right company for their fishing trip.  You have taken care of everything and answered all my million questions.  You made it easy to get everything set up.  I appreciate your effort.

Gina Hallford.  

Gina Hallford

My group of 14 fishermen went to this Lodge in Mid-May. This group makes a lot of trips and this was one of the best. The Lodge and its Staff make for one of the best lodge experiences we have had. The guides are English speaking and knowledgeable about Tarpon fishing. May is slower than some months and the ocean rougher but we caught 67 Tarpon averaging about 100 lbs. and spent a lot of time in the pool telling the stories. We wholeheartedly recommend this Lodge and Hooked On Adventures to set it up for you. It is something you definitely want to try again!

~Terry West, West Law Firm, Oklahoma~

Terry West Pic

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Amazon. The whole trip was a great experience and my friends who came from around the world were absolutely ecstatic about the trip. My friends, who traveled far to come to the Amazon ranging from Russia, Ukraine, Canada, and Israel, were all thoroughly pleased with the experience. My friends and I to this day, are talking about the event on a daily basis. The guides were top notch; definitely the best we have ever had. The service was perfect. However, most importantly, the amount of fish we caught has provided us with enough fishing stories for all of the next year.

I would like to thank you again for the great memories and wish you all the best.

~Alexander Becker~

Near the end of trip, my cousin who has diabetes, became very sick.  David McCarthy, the President and Owner of Hooked on Adventures, personally got involved and pulled out every stop to help with the situation.  In particular, he recruited Paula from their Manaus office, who spoke both English and Portuguese, to shepherd us through the scary process of getting into the ER in Manaus and eventually into the hospital there (no one spoke English!!).  Throughout this entire multi-day ordeal, both David and Paula never left my side, and together we got my cousin released from the hospital and on to the plane to Miami.  Their efforts saved my cousin’s life.  Hooked on Adventures is an organization that is more than just providing a memorable fishing trip to the Amazon.  They are sensitive people who will do whatever it takes to help when help is needed.

His organization is not only first class for a great fishing trip, but does whatever is necessary to help a traveler who is far away from home.  In my case it really did make the difference between life and death.

Bob Paluck….Dallas, Texas

Bob Paluck

Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing
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