Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Peacock Bass Conventional Tackle Equipment List

Peacock Bass are considered one of the hardest-hitting and most aggressive game fish in the world! Explosive top-water strikes are their "claim to fame". Landing Peacock Bass will require using tough equipment. To give you the advantage, we are providing this "tried & true" equipment list for Peacock Bass fishing.

If you do not want to carry or purchase Peacock Bass fishing equipment, you may consider our rental equipment package from our on board tackle shop!

The total package cost is $150.00 and includes: Two fully spooled and well maintained casting rod outfits, and a well-supplied box of lures, all specific for Peacock Bass and other Amazon species. NOTE: you may bring your own reels if you so desire.

The above costs do not include the retail cost of lost lures*

Note: Only rod usage is free of charge

We recommend the following for fishermen bringing their own Peacock Bass tackle:


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Casting: 3+ Medium-Heavy to Heavy Action 6'6" - 6'9" rods. NOTE: Best Rods also have a long handle. When retrieving a large prop-bait, such as a Big Game Woodchopper, it is best to position your rod butt on your hip to gain leverage and assist in pulling the bait through the water. Short aggressive jerks allow the prop-bait to throw more water and attract more strikes!

Spinning: You may fish for peacock bass with spinning equipment if that is what you are comfortable fishing with. Bring 7 ft. Medium-Heavy rods with good quality light-saltwater reels lined with 50-60 lb. braided line. To be honest, the casting rod's stiffness, cast-ability, accuracy, and balance make it a much better choice for peacock bass fishing. The Amazon is the perfect place to learn and master bait casting techniques; the days are beautiful, the fishing is hot, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Fly Fishing: Refer to the fly fishing equipment list for recommended equipment.


Casting: Good quality, strong drag, fast retrieve ratio (6.0:1-6.3:1). We recommend:

  1. Top of the line: Revo SX or STX bait casters as well as: Shimano Curado, Chronarch, or Calais.
  2. Less expensive, but still capable: Pflueger low profile Trion or Abu 6500 C4 in a 6.3 retrieve.

Line: 65 or 80lb braided fishing line made by Power-Pro.


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Large Prop-Baits: Large prop-baits were specifically designed for peacock bass and other species that really "turn-on" to a bait that causes a big top-water commotion. The large prop-baits are the best lures available for bringing big peacock bass to the surface.

The two main Choices of large prop-baits are:

  1. The Big Game Woodchopper
  2. The Amazon Ripper

The colors we prefer are Perch Fire Tiger and Black/Orange. In addition, the Clown and Red/White head will at times produce good strikes.

NOTE: Big Game Woodchoppers have a louder more aggressive sound, but Amazon Rippers are a little easier to retrieve. In conclusion, bring 6-10 large prop-baits in a

Combination of models and colors, for example:

2-Big Game Woodchoppers each in Perch and Tiger Fire
1-Big Game Woodchoppers in Clown or Red/White
2- Amazon Rippers in Black/Orange
1-Amazon Ripper in Fire Tiger

NOTE: There are several new companies producing lures of this type!

Small Prop- BAITS: The smaller prop-baits (called the Peacock Special) will raise peacock bass and are easier to retrieve than the larger prop-baits. Bring one off each of them in Black & Orange, Blue and Fire Tiger.

Jerkbaits: 2 - 3 large 7' or medium 6' Redfins (chrome with blue dorsal), also Bomber Long-A lures, 6", 2 each, in white body with red hair or silver flash with blue back.

Rat-L-Traps: 2 Chrome/Blue black or Fire Tiger color in 3/4 or 1 ounce size.

Other: 4 Bucktail jugs in 1/2 ounce, white color works best. These lures may be purchased on line from either Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas.

Most baits are available in our on-board tackle shop!

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding the proper Peacock Bass fishing tackle to bring or any other aspect of your trip to Brazil!

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