Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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 Total fish caught- 1039. Our clients had a GREAT week on the upper Rio Negro. Good top-water action as well as a good jig bite. We even had some monsters caught trolling with our hand tied jigs. 68 fish over 10 lbs. including- 10lbers=7..11lbers=12..12lbers=8…13lbers=4…14lbers=6 15lbers=2…16lbers=8…17lbers=5…18lbers=6…19lbers=2 20lbers=3…21lbers=2…22lbers and one monster at 23lbs.CONGRATS TO ALL OUR ANGLERS

Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing