Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Stephen Schreifer, Alan Smith and Doug Knepp hosted this fishing week, December 2 – 10, 2011, and it was such a friendly group!  We had quite a few husband/wife couples which we love to have on our trips.  These ladies really know how to fish (and some outfished their husbands) and brought a lot of laughter to the trip.  (Read the testimonial page from L. Rowan about her getting her “fish pout” on and her first fish wound (what a story!).

Douglas Knepp, a member of our Hooked On Adventures team,  wrote “What a great group of people and adventure this trip turned out to be! Alan Smith and Stephen Schreifer are to be thanked for the anglers they choose to join them on this trip.  It was truly ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’!  Great evenings were enjoyed, after a hard day of fishing, included wine flowing, cigars being lit, and stories plus jokes being shared all around.  It was fantastic!   Stephen Schreifer, a retired USAF colonel, was a true gentleman and a great fishing partner.

Together we fished  beautiful sand bars (some very remote and hidden lakes).  I met a man from CT that ate more grilled Piranha that I could ever imagined, along with some natives in dug out canoes, and witnessed one of the women swimming in the Amazon (above)!  We had long conversations that I feel made a new and lasting friendship.”

Douglas also commented “Randy Liljenquist, of AZ,  is a world class, big game hunter with the bow and arrow. He has taken trophies all over the world, and now I know why! When our Guide, Eddie, spotted a big Peacock moving in a tightly sheltered area, he asked Randy to make a cast to that hole. By my count, Randy made over 50 casts to the hole pulling out a few 3 pounders, a 5 pounder,  a few more 4 pounders…..

…….then came the ‘perfect cast’.

The water boiled, and the fight was on!  For 30 minutes of casting, over and over, Randy’s perfect cast rewarded him with a beautiful 18 pounder!  That’s what you get when you listen to your guide, and the result was a huge fish that was photographed and released! 


Here are our numbers for the week:

Location:  Upper Rio Negro/Amazon/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date: December 2-10, 2011 (fishing 3rd-9th)

Group Size:  16

# of Days:  6 – 6 1/2

                                                 Total Number for Week:   737

                                (33) 10 lbs. – 19 lbs.  and  (3) Peacocks 20 lb. and over

                                      LARGEST FISH CAUGHT WERE (1)  25’s

                         10 lb.’ers – 10,    11 lb.’ers – 7,     12 lb.’ers – 2,     13 lb.’ers – 5,   

                         15 lb.’ers –   2,     16 lb.’ers– 2,     17 lb.’ers–  3,     18 lb.’ers – 1,      

                         19 lb.’ers –    1,    20 lb.’ers – 1,     22 lb.’ers – 1,    25’s – 1.

                                                701 additional fish were caught

Water Level:  Levels were a bit higher than normal for this time of year.

Baits Used:     Lure of choice for this trip were Jigs, however, the biggest fish caught was on a topwater lure.

To this week’s group:  We certainly had a wonderful and fun-filled time with you guys, from the moment you reserved your trip, working with you to get you there, and of course, the great time everyone had on the boat with you all.  Come join us again soon, and thanks for the memories!                                                             


p.s.  Laurie and Kerry, you certainly did bring a lot of laughs to the trip, and just so you know, this is the first time we’ve “ever” seen our guides wear a Santa Claus hat!

Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing