Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Let’s keep it simple… 10 anglers fishing 6.5 days on the Rio Negro from the Belle Amazon mother ship caught 1440 Peacock Bass up to a 23.5# Monster landed by first time Amazon angler Kent Standerfer on the first day! Now that’s an initiation! A total of 71 fish over 10# including 21 “teeners” and 7 over 20# produced the top 5% for the week.

Fishing conditions varied over the week due to localized weather conditions and rising water the last three days. The first three days of the week were certainly the most productive. Fish were positioned near main river sandbars as well as sandbars developing around the entrances to the lagoons and in river bends. Secondary location patterns found fish located along lagoon edges often relating to isolated wood features. Minimal early fry balls were observed but a few were productive for larger fish.

Productive Lures for the week included HighRoller Riprollers in Fire Tiger and Halloween; KLures “Grande Ripper” and “Chico Ripper” in Clown and Jacunda; Jigs in Red and White or Yellow and Red.

Peacock Bass Fishing
Dave Maynard in the rain
Jonathan McCarthy/Guide