Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Amazon. The whole trip was a great experience and my friends who came from around the world were absolutely ecstatic about the trip. My friends, who traveled far to come to the Amazon ranging from Russia, Ukraine, Canada, and Israel, were all thoroughly pleased with the experience. My friends and I to this day, are talking about the event on a daily basis. The guides were top notch; definitely the best we have ever had. The service was perfect. However, most importantly, the amount of fish we caught has provided us with enough fishing stories for all of the next year.

I would like to thank you again for the great memories and wish you all the best.

~Alexander Becker~

Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing
Nice Fish, Dean!