Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Prominent “Custom-Home Builder,” Gary McDonald and  Cal Custom Tile owner Rick Berry and friends travel to The Amazon with Hooked on Adventures owner David McCarthy.


“David and his staff at Hooked on Adventures did a fantastic job ensuring that all of us had a great time, whether we were fishing for Trophy sized Peacock Bass, or just relaxing on the open-air deck enjoying the daily Happy-Hour.”  “Our home for the week was the beautiful and spacious 125 ft. Amazon Santana. This yacht is equipped with air-conditioned rooms through out, as well as hot and cold private showers in every suite.


David’s guides were absolutely fearless in getting us in and out of all the secret lagoons and hidden lakes. Fishing out of custom-made bass boats and using complimentary rods, reels and tackle made it that much easier to plan for the trip. If adventure travel is on your “BUCKET LIST”, I highly recommend calling the people at Hooked on Adventures for your "TRIP OF A LIFETIME".


Peacock Bass Fishing
Nice Fish, Dean!
Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing