Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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We had a fantastic time fishing with those Canadian Boys. They are all very nice and it is good to make new friends. I also got to tell them my portfolio of jokes! David is a great host and he really has a first class crew.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

David & Bryan Scott

My husband and I booked a trip to go to the Amazon to fish in February 2011.  We stayed aboard the Amazon Santana.  I am not an avid fisherman nor is my husband, but we love to travel. 

We did not know exactly what to expect and we absolutely loved the trip and will be scheduling another one.  The river is beautiful, we fished, explored, relaxed, and had an adventure of a life time.  The fishing was the greatest ever!!!! The service was excellent and the guides were great.  There were no communication problems at all. 

Here are a few photos from our adventure! 

Thank you  

~Kole & Kim Clapsaddle, NC

I recently had the opportunity to head back to the Amazon to pursue for one of the most explosive species in the water, the Peacock Bass. For this trip, we hooked up with David McCarthy’s Hooked on Adventures as our outfitter!  We traveled aboard the 125 ft. Amazon Santana for an inclusive, and unforgettable, week-long fishing adventure within the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and Brazil's tributaries.  The accommodations are the finest in the Amazon! The Hooked on Adventures staff were very personable and catered to our every need. Dave has some the most  knowledgeable and friendliest guides in the Amazon. They used the yacht and the bass boats to move to the most productive water and to give us the best opportunity to catch fish. We fished the same waters where the recent World Record was caught. While we did not set any records on this trip, we did manage to land a number of big fish and several in the 20 pound range!  In addition to the Peacocks, we caught a number of other species, including; Piranha, Arawana, Sorubim, Jacunda and many others. I know the big Peacocks are there and Hooked on Adventures provides you with the best opportunity to catch them.

Best of all, I’m heading back to the Amazon with Hooked on Adventures this fall!  Where else can you fish by day for one of the strongest fresh water species and relax with friends by night on a luxury yacht?  It really is the best of both worlds – the indigenous areas of the magnificent Amazon River along with the comforts and luxuries of home!    

 ~Randy Kremer, January 28, 2011 Trip~

Amazon's Peacok Bass Catch

Of all the places I have fished in the world, The Amazon River in Brazil and its countless tributaries are unsurpassed in outstanding angling.  The monster peacock bass and dozens of other species that prowl the waters there are the most aggressive and murderous fish I have ever encountered in fresh water.  For me, the only operator in this region to even consider using is Hooked on Adventures.  The level of professionalism amongst the staff and guides is unparalleled.  The yachts they use in the fleet are absolutely the most comfortable and accommodating for guests.  They are the perfect vessel for relaxing after an adrenaline-filled day of giant peacock bass crushing your flies or lures.  The local cuisine and libations are second to none!  Where else in the world can you enjoy a bowl of piranha soup?  The custom bass boats we use on a daily basis are the perfect boats for getting into even the most remote back lagoons and tiny creeks to find the largest fish around.  Take it from me (a guy who travels and fishes for a living), there is no better or more effective way to fish the Amazon, than with the folks from Hooked on Adventures.  

(Check out the video clip from my last trip

~Trapper Rudd~ 

Sporting Life Adventure Travel Company
G.Loomis Elite Pro Staff
Cutthroat Anglers (Retired)
Flyfish America Magazine (Field Editor Living Large)

I recently returned from an "Amazon Adventure" with "Hooked On Adventures" aboard  the Amazon Santana.  There was in particular one significant event that I owe David McCarthy and "Naldo", along with others of the crew, my sincere appreciation and heart felt thanks!  You see, I have serious heart disease and had to get my cardiologist's approval to make the trip to the Amazon.  However unbelievable and unexplained, somehow I left all my medicines, including in particular two critical and irreplaceable meds for the heart condition, at the Tropical Hotel in Manaus.  Dave and Naldo contacted the hotel and located the medicine box and had it delivered to Barcelos, the launch site for the Santana.  A boat was sent back (we had already left port when the absence of the meds was discovered the first night out) to Barcelos to meet the plane from Manaus which had retrieved the critical meds from the hotel and then flown from Manaus to Barcelos and finally retrieved by boat!  I owe Dave, Naldo and crew a debt of gratitude for locating and retrieving my heart medications and "saving" my Amazon Adventure from becoming an Amazon Horror!  Thank you guys!!!


In addition, even though the fishing conditions were not up to par, I did manage to catch an 18 pound peacock bass on an 8 weight TFO fly rod --- for me the fish of a lifetime!!  My sincere and heartfelt appreciation to HOA!     

~John Flanagan~ 

Any true angler that has never fished for "Giant Peacock Bass" in the Amazon must absolutely put it on their bucket list! Those that have had the experience are, no doubt, looking forward to their next opportunity to return. My trip on the Amazon Santana was not my first time fishing in the Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised at the comfortable accommodations on the yacht. It "far" exceeded my expectations and was considerably better than previous houseboats from which I had fished on the Rio Negro.

Our group met the Amazon Santana at Barcelos on the Rio Negro, and the crew handled our luggage and rod cases from the time we got off the plane until it was delivered to our cabins. Those that chose not to bring their own rods and reels were provided with good tackle, unlike some of the other trips I had been on. After a hot buffet lunch, pairs of anglers joined their guides and were able to get in several hours of fishing on arrival day.

The experienced guides, most of whom spoke English, constantly amazed me. Although the Amazon Santana moved each day in order to fish new water,they seemed to know each area like the back of their hands. With no charts, no GPS and no channel markers on the river they navigated the thousands of islands, rivers, lagoons, creeks and hidden lakes in order to seek out the best hot spots. In addition to catching Speckled, Orinoco and Butterfly Peacocks, we caught numerous other species unique to the Amazon basin which was always fun. Our guide led us to several big Peacocks including a 23, 21, 20 and 19 lb bass. The 20 lb Peacock was caught on fly tackle.

Our week long experience included, on different days, a shore lunch, barbecue dinner on a sand bar, dining under the stars on the top deck, and even an optional visit to a local native village. Except for an occasional fly, mosquitoes and other pesky critters were almost non existent. Returning to the yacht each day after 10 or 11 hours of fishing, we were met with a cold drink and a welcome cold damp towel. The food was plentiful and the bar was open all week.

All in all, it was a great experience which I am looking forward to experiencing again some day.

Mike Leech, Former IGFA President

"A wonderful and amazing fishing excursion to the Amazon was provided to me by the staff and guides aboard the Belle Amazon and Hooked On Adventures!  We experienced a few mechanical problems aboard the Belle Amazon, but the staff came through for us and got us to the hot fishing by hook or by crook!  I had a teener (or above) landed each day, so I am looking forward to the next trip to do a repeat.  I would definitely book with Hooked On Adventures again.  They really out did themselves in service and knowledge of the best fishing locations!    Thanks, Hooked On Adventures and Belle Amazon staff,  for an experience of a lifetime!"

- Jay Hastings , Union City, California

Jay's 24 lb.'er!

A Five Star Rating goes out to David McCarthy and his Belle Amazon operation, staff and guides for this trip! The accommodations, food and service were top shelf. The trip went smoothly with direction from the Manaus representative Paula; the boat manager Naldo; the head guide CoCo to the legendary "Harry the waiter." Stateside, I want to extend a special thank you to Hooked on Adventures for coordinating logistics with the Brazil operation and staff.

David Fields - Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Harry and Dining Table

One word sums up my trip to the Amazon - PERFECT!  From Paula's first greeting at the Manaus airport, to the greeting at the "mother" ship, to Harry's smile when he handed me my first ice cold frozen drink at the boat - just PERFECT! The meals were PERFECT in every way! My guide "machete Eddy " was PERFECT!. Just how did Eddy know that there was a 12 pounder laying in wait next to that tree? How did he know that I needed another ice cold water? Eddie would tie a new knot on my lure then point to a slight ripple in the water and say " Again, Senor Doug ",  and I knew from the smile on his face that another Monster Peacock was waiting for my cast!   The staff was PERFECT!  So Naldo, Harry and Eddy .... watch for me .... I am coming back!  You guys are the PERFECT host.  Oh, I need to hear his words again  " Again, Senor Doug "!

Thanks so much for the PERFECT trip,

Doug Knepp , Lancaster, PA

Hi David,

Thank you for a fantastic fishing trip for Peacock Bass on the Amazon River.
The trip could not have been better.
The fishing, accommodations, & Staff were stellar.
Here are some photos taken while on our trip.
We are a group of four who have fished extensively world wide.
This is by far the most memorable trip we've had.
Once again, Thank you for a great time.
I am looking forward to coming again.

Dean Larsen
St. George, Utah

"If you’re looking for adventure and the fishing trip of a lifetime, Dave is your man!"

Dave convinced me and my Dad, Chuck, to go to Brazil to fish for the mighty Peacock Bass. This is our 2nd trip down to the Amazon with him. We have fished in Alaska several times and as far as adventure, “No Comparison!!” Peacock Bass are the strongest and most aggressive fish I’ve ever hooked. For me it was the Trip of a Life Time.

The accommodations were great and the guides were amazing, they made sure we caught lots of fish. A word of warning: if you fish with Dave, plan on working hard, but also catching lots of fish and having plenty of laughs! - Rick Berry, CAL Custom Tile - Fresno, CA.


I have known you and your family for a number of years.  As an avid outdoorsman and great fisherman, I just know your new venture operating the Santana fleet on the Amazon, will be a successful one.  I found the Santana 1 and the Amazon Santana boats, with its excellent boat staff and guides, to be ones of favor!  The food was great too!  I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to “Book with Hooked on Adventures” for an exciting, first-class Peacock bass fishing trip to the Amazon.  It truly was an “Experience of a Lifetime”.

- Ray Roberts,  Santana I and Amazon Santana Guest

Ray Robert's Pics

“The Santana yacht line is luxurious, better than any other Mother Ship that I’ve seen in the Amazon.  The staff is excellent, as is the food and service, and the guides are the most experienced for Peacock Bass in this region.”

- Ken Schultz, Author of the Ken Schultz’s Fishing Encyclopedia, Spectacular Fishing, Ken Schultz’s Guide to Great Destinations in North America, Field Guide to Freshwater Fish, Field Guide to Saltwater Fish, and Formerly with Field & Stream, and Commentator for ESPN’s BassCenter Fishing Editor

“The Santana has the most experienced giant Peacock Bass Guides in South America.”

- Larry Larsen, author of the Peacock Bass Library and Director of

"The best peacock bass fishing on the planet."

--John Beath, Editor of "Western Outdoors Magazine" March 2005

John Beath Pic

Trip Date: February 5 -13, 2010

“David, It was nice to get to meet you. The Brazil trip was really fantastic, the appetizers and grand assortment of food, the jungle with no bugs, the parrots, the monkeys, the camaraderie of our group, the new friends, not to mention the beautiful peacock bass! What a fish, and what an adventure!

The yacht and the bass boats were comfortable, well kept, expertly run, and well guided. I need to just leave the calendar open every year for this trip! We were well taken care of by the staff and guides. The daily laundry is so nice, and really works great for this trip. I don’t know how the staff does all the work in a day, but they do and I never want for anything.

The fact that you’ve kept this crew for so long shows both their respect for you and your loyalty to them. The fishing was great on this trip and the equipment was as always reliable and tough as it has to be with these monster fish.”

Complaints, Problems, Disappointments with the trip….NONE!

I hope you will use me for any future references, as it would be a pleasure to get to talk with people about this adventure. The time spent with my father was priceless and the new friends were icing on the cake.

— Derek Jolly

Derek Jolly Pic

Peacock Bass
Peacock Bass Fishing
Peacock Bass Fishing
Dave Maynard and Speckled Peacock Bass