Another excellent week on the Amazon!  Sand Flats were visible the water was so low.  We certainly had a great group of anglers this week.

Total Fish = 940

Fish 10lbs or bigger=98

10lbs=19                15lbs=7

11lbs=18                 16lbs=5

12lbs=9                   17lbs=3

13lbs=11                   18lbs=6

14lbs=6                  19lbs=5

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=4   21lbers=2   22lbs=3

This week, our longtime booking agent, Bill Fuchs, spotted a Jaguar, a VERY RARE opportunity.  We think that this big male must have been asleep on the shore after a meal and did not hear the bass boat coming.  Once he heard the bass boat he quickly climbed up this dirt embankment, tumbled down once, then regained his footing and disappeared into the jungle… AMAZING.

Bill Fuch's Jaguar