One word sums up my trip to the Amazon – PERFECT!  From Paula’s first greeting at the Manaus airport, to the greeting at the “mother” ship, to Harry’s smile when he handed me my first ice cold frozen drink at the boat – just PERFECT! The meals were PERFECT in every way! My guide “machete Eddy ” was PERFECT!. Just how did Eddy know that there was a 12 pounder laying in wait next to that tree? How did he know that I needed another ice cold water? Eddie would tie a new knot on my lure then point to a slight ripple in the water and say ” Again, Senor Doug “,  and I knew from the smile on his face that another Monster Peacock was waiting for my cast!   The staff was PERFECT!  So Naldo, Harry and Eddy …. watch for me …. I am coming back!  You guys are the PERFECT host.  Oh, I need to hear his words again  ” Again, Senor Doug “!

Thanks so much for the PERFECT trip,

Doug Knepp , Lancaster, PA