I recently had the opportunity to head back to the Amazon to pursue for one of the most explosive species in the water, the Peacock Bass. For this trip, we hooked up with David McCarthy’s Hooked on Adventures as our outfitter!  We traveled aboard the 125 ft. Amazon Santana for an inclusive, and unforgettable, week-long fishing adventure within the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and Brazil’s tributaries.  The accommodations are the finest in the Amazon! The Hooked on Adventures staff were very personable and catered to our every need. Dave has some the most  knowledgeable and friendliest guides in the Amazon. They used the yacht and the bass boats to move to the most productive water and to give us the best opportunity to catch fish. We fished the same waters where the recent World Record was caught. While we did not set any records on this trip, we did manage to land a number of big fish and several in the 20 pound range!  In addition to the Peacocks, we caught a number of other species, including; Piranha, Arawana, Sorubim, Jacunda and many others. I know the big Peacocks are there and Hooked on Adventures provides you with the best opportunity to catch them.

Best of all, I’m heading back to the Amazon with Hooked on Adventures this fall!  Where else can you fish by day for one of the strongest fresh water species and relax with friends by night on a luxury yacht?  It really is the best of both worlds – the indigenous areas of the magnificent Amazon River along with the comforts and luxuries of home!    

 ~Randy Kremer, January 28, 2011 Trip~